Technically Speaking, July 2015 Issue Available

At the Annual Symposium in March, Jason DeSena Trennert explained why he was bullish. He summed it up as “TINA” or “there is no alternative.” Months later, his presentation is just as timely. Large investors running pension funds or insurance companies understand stocks are expensive but they are faced with the reality that there is no alternative. This month’s newsletter includes a summary of that presentation and demonstrates the value of the Symposium. Presentations like Jason’s are both timely and timeless. As your schedule permits, I urge you to remember that videos of this year’s presentations and the previous four years are available at and can be viewed at anytime. Dr. Bryan Taylor also presents timely and timeless information. Using data going back nearly 200 years, Bryan demonstrates history is repeating in Greece. The fact that history repeats is one of the basic precepts of technical analysis. We can be certain history will repeat in the future which is why technical analysis will continue to add value to the investment decision process. This value is being demonstrated by academic research as we explain in this issue. We also explain how the value of technical analysis is driving changes in the careers of technicians and these changes resulted in an update to the CMT program. As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think of Technically Speaking, the CMT Association magazine, by emailing us at - Michael Carr, CMT

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