Technically Speaking June 2015 Issue Now Available

Technical analysis has always been focused on the application of knowledge. In the early editions of Edwards and Magee's Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, they focused on how to trade chart patterns. But these pioneers of the field also included a theory explaining why the pattern should work. While applying the ideas of technical analysis is still the important consideration to practitioners, many academic researchers are working to uncover why the techniques work. In this month's newsletter, we provide articles highlighting both the application of technical analysis and the research that technical analysis is stimulating in the academic community. This month's newsletter also includes a summary of Tom Dorsey's presentation at the Annual Symposium. The Symposium truly does provide a year's worth of ideas and we will be presenting summaries of those ideas in the months ahead. Videos of this year's presentations and the previous four years are available at and can be viewed at anytime. As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think of Technically Speaking, the CMT Association magazine, by emailing us at - Michael Carr, CMT

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