Technically Speaking March 2015 Issue Now Available

The CMT Association recently announced this year's award winners:
  • Walter Deemer – Annual Award
  • Frederic Dickson – Memorial Award
  • Brad Herndon – Service Award
  • Stanley Dash – Recognition Award
  • Amber Hestla-Barnhart – Charles H. Dow Award
In this month's magazine we provide more insight into why Walt Deemer and Amber Hestla-Barnhart were honored. Walt is a true legend in the analysis community and the short articles we offer provide a small glimpse of his work. Amber shares details about the process she followed to win the prestigious Charles H. Dow Award in the hope of encouraging more submissions to next year's competition. We will have more details on the honorees in next month's magazine. Later this month, hundreds of CMT Association members will spend time together at the Annual Symposium. Attendees will spend time hearing the thoughts of extraordinary market analysts in formal presentations and in informal settings that are an equally important part of the Symposium. I hope I will get to meet everyone attending the Symposium but the odds of that are low because the Symposium only lasts two days. If you will be attending and have ideas on how we can improve Technically Speaking, please send me a note at so I can get your feedback in person. - Michael Carr, CMT

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