Technically Speaking March 2016 Issue Now Available!

Recently the CMT Association annual award recipients were announced.
  • Annual Award: Louise Yamada, CMT
  • Memorial Award: Paul Macrae Montgomery
  • Service Award: Ron Meisels
  • Charles H. Dow Award: Charlie Bilello, CMT & Michael A. Gayed, CFA
Each of the award winners will be recognized at the Annual Symposium and will be featured in Technically Speaking. This month we provide some brief information on several of the winners and look back at the previous Charles H. Dow Award that Charlie and Michael won. This is their second Dow Award-winning paper and they now join Charlie Kirkpatrick, Jr., CMT, as the only two-time winners. There are a number of submissions for the Dow Award every year and winning in any year is an accomplishment. Charlie and Michael spend a great deal of time researching new ideas and their efforts can be seen in their papers. I would not be surprised if they are hard at work on new ideas and I would expect them to prepare more papers in the future. They may even win a third Award but I am confident that won’t be an easy task. Papers submitted for the Award always include a variety of unique insights into technical analysis. Next year’s Dow Award deadline is at the end of the year but that date is rapidly approaching. If you have an idea, now might be the time to start drafting a paper so you have a chance at winning. We’ll learn more about this year’s winning paper at the Symposium next month. Charlie Kirkpatrick will also be a speaker at the Symposium sharing his recent work with attendees. I know I say it every year but this year’s line-up of speakers is the best yet and I hope to have the chance to meet many of you at the events. Sincerely, Michael Carr View the Technically Speaking Archives »