Technically Speaking, March 2017 Issue Now Available!

Technically Speaking magazine is a monthly periodical distributed to the CMT Association membership in digital format. Technically Speaking highlights a variety of topics in market analysis, asset management, and trading. The magazine features articles, techniques and research written by members of the CMT Association and wider financial community, book reviews, and interviews with recognized industry professionals.

In This Issue...

  • Alphanumeric Financial Charts by Richard Brath - Page 3
  • No Time for Skepticism by Vincent M. Randazzo, CMT - Page 10
  • How Do Stop-Loss Orders Affect Trading Strategy Performance? by Tucker Balch, Ph.D. and Anderson Trimm, Ph.D. - Page 12
  • MiFID II Solutions - Page 19
  • Visualizing The Anxiety of Active Strategies by Corey Hoffstein - Page 21
  • Why Multiply By Sqrt(252) To Compute The Sharpe Ratio? by Tucker Balch, Ph.D. - Page 19
  • The Top 5 Investor Biases - Page 31
  • The Janus Factor by Gary Anderson - Page 33
  • Tactical Report: Eur/Usd: Parity Target, A Clear and Present Reality by Ron William, CMT, MSTA - Page 47

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