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We are once again providing short summaries of several moments from the CMT Association Symposium and we will have more next month. As usual, there was too much information from the two-day event to summarize quickly. In this month’s summary, we present information about the CMT Association Annual Award Winner Larry Williams, an article with lessons learned over a lifetime in the industry from Steve Leuthold and the rules for a complete trading strategy from Perry Kaufman. There is also a review of a book written by Michael E. S. Gayed, the late father of this year’s Charles H. Dow Award co-author Michael Gayed. This book was originally published in 1990. It was recently republished by the author’s son as a tribute to his father’s life and work. While the book is certainly a tribute to an insightful mind, it is also a modern day primer on what’s important in the markets. The section on economic indicators is one of the most practical collections of indicators ever assembled, and each section concludes with a clear opinion about the indicator’s usefulness. We hope you enjoy this issue and ask you to please continue sending your submissions and comments to - Michael Carr, CMT  

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