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In this month’s issue we sadly note the passing of 2003 CMT Association Annual Award winner, Richard Russell. The story of his life was inseparable from his work and we present two examples of his work. There are many other examples available and young analysts would benefit from studying Richard’s approach to both work and life. Young analysts would also benefit from studying the life of Ralph Acampora, CMT, who recently spoke to business students at the University of Denver. He began by talking about a bubble that developed in railroad stocks in the 1800’s. This bubble played out on the charts just like the internet bubble would almost 150 years later. As technical analysts know, history repeats. This time-tested idea is the subject of an article about the failure of a financial firm in 19th century Britain. Overend, Gurney & Co. is a company few traders remember but Dr. Bryan Taylor provides us with the details of one of the most dramatic events in the financial history of Victorian England. The collapse of Overend, Gurney and Co. had a more severe impact on the London financial market than the collapse of Bear Stearns had on U.S. markets over 140 years later. During the financial crisis of 1866, over 200 firms went bankrupt, including a number of banks. The similarities with 2008 are startling but few technical analysts will be surprised to see that history and human nature never seem to change. This month’s issue also includes calls for papers from the sponsors of the Charles H. Dow Award and the Wagner Award. Research papers can be a valuable source of trading ideas as you can see in this issue’s Chart of the Month feature which shows the indicator highlighted in the 2015 Dow Award winning paper for several key markets around the world. In the next few months, we will be charting several other Dow Award-winning ideas. Sincerely, Michael Carr  

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