The Winners of the 2014 Annual Awards

The Market Technicians Association would like to officially announce and congratulate the 2014 CMT Association Annual Award winners!

2014 Annual Award  - Larry R. Williams
The CMT Association is proud to announce Larry R. Williams as the 2014 Annual Award winner.  The award is the organization’s highest honor and given to an individual that has shown outstanding accomplishments in the field of technical analysis over his/her career.  Mr. Williams has been a pioneer in technical analysis indicator development and a diligent advocate of our discipline through his writing and speaking engagements in the trading and financial communities over the last 40 years.
2014 Memorial Award – Joseph E. Granville
The CMT Association is honored to announce that Joseph E. Granville has been selected as the 2014 Memorial Award winner.  The award is given annually to a non-living technician for their outstanding accomplishments to the discipline and Mr. Granville’s pioneering work using market volume statistics and his legendary persona in the financial circles uniquely qualifies him for this honor.
2014 Service Award – Jeffery E. Lay, MBA, CMT
The CMT Association is proud to recognize Jeffery E. Lay as the recipient of the 2014 Service Award.  This award is given to recognize an individual’s exemplary service to the Market Technician Association.  Mr. Lay has demonstrated a tremendous loyalty and dedication to our Association through his leadership on the Board of Directors and CMT Board of Governors and his tireless efforts to organize annual symposiums promoting creative technical analysis research and industry camaraderie.
2014 Recognition Award – Robert L. Pisani
The CMT Association is honored to recognize Robert L. Pisani as the 2014 Recognition Award winner.  The Recognition Award is given to a financial industry participant that has positively influenced and been a loyal advocate of the technical analysis discipline.  Mr. Pisani’s steadfast efforts to integrate technical analysis into financial decision making, journalism and reporting over the last two decades have been instrumental to the discipline and Association’s growth.  
Gala Awards DinnerThe CMT Association would like to invite all members, affiliates and friends to come and celebrate this year’s winner’s achievements at the Market Technicians Association's Gala Award Dinner on April 3, 2014 in New York City at the historic Cedar Lake Building. The agenda for the evening will include wonderful tributes to these individuals and bring back legends of our craft that served as witnesses to our honorees accomplishments and impact on technical analysis and the financial industry.  It will truly be a special celebration!