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In his presentation, Ron will show the construction, history and the five manifestations of the 40-year wave (from 1819 to present) and how to recognize the beginning and culmination of the wave. Ron will share perspectives on its current status (Secular Bull Market), its forecast for 2016 and beyond, and its relevance for technical analysts in the coming years.

Ron began his study of Technical Analysis in 1968 and still generates hand-made 1×1 Point & Figure charts using intraday data. His other interest is cycles.  He read Dewey, was member of the Society for the Study of Recurring Events, and studied the works of Elliott, Kondratieff, Kitchin, Dunbar and Juglar, among others. These studies of long-term market cycles led him to the discovery of the 40-year wave – a topic he presented initially in San Francisco at the 1995 IFTA Seminar, and later across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. This led to his influential “10,000 in 2000” market analysis in January 1995, when the DJIA was at 3800.

Ron is one of North America’s most successful analysts with over 40 years of stock market experience.  Institutions ranked him among the top three Canadian technical analysts for six consecutive years (Brendan Wood Survey). He developed the “Meisels Index”, an overbought/oversold indicator based on daily closings which is featured on the Metastock system. He has been publishing the Phases & Cycles® reports since 1977 and has been a member of the CMT Association since 1978.

He is the Founder, first President and 2nd Honorary Lifetime Member (after A. J. Frost) of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA); and fourth recipient of the A. J. Frost Award for outstanding contribution to the development of Technical Analysis. In addition to his service to the Canadian Society, Ron is the Founding Secretary and past Director of the International Federation of Technical Analysts and was the Conference Chair for the 1990 Conference in Montebello.

He developed the “Meisels Index”, an overbought/oversold indicator based on daily closings. It is featured on the Metastock system.