4 Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis (Verdouw)

April 5, 2014

Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe

Chief Executive Officer

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Breakthrough in Market Breadth – Market Breadth is a veritable lynch pin for so many market strategies and a powerful metric on the overall trend in the market.  In this presentation Mathew Verdouw, CMT will reveal the most recent developments in Market Breadth that allow for simple rules using any technical indicator as the basis of the Breadth.

Advances in Volatility Based Analysis –  Volatility has always been seen as a measure of risk, but what about using that same principle as a measure of reward?  In this presentation Carson Dahlberg, CMT will highlight how the many years of research by himself and Kirk Northington, CMT have resulted in new techniques that give volatility based risk and reward metrics for any security, including a new display of portfolio risk using volatility.

Developments in Relative Rotation Graphs – Many people understand the theory of relative strength but few are able to use it to help make day by day decisions. Julius de Kempenaer will highlight some of the new ways that the RRGs can be used to not only give market overviews, but also allow anyone in any time frame to find the opportunities that are otherwise hidden.

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