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The Asia Pacific Summit, presented by CMT Association, brings together top global and regional practitioners from both buy and sell side communities. Over two knowledge-packed days, attendees will learn from a mix of unique perspectives on major themes and innovative technical techniques.

Over the past 20 years, harmonic patterns have emerged as a new technical framework for traders around the world. Although past interpretations may seem somewhat vague, the concept of the harmonic phenomenon in the financial markets has been referenced by technicians over the past 100 years. From R.N. Elliott to W.D. Gann, harmonic concepts have attempted to identify cyclical behavior exhibited in nature to the price behavior of specific market cycles. The subject of “Harmonic Patterns” as devised by Scott Carney integrates a gamut of measurement strategies – derived directly and indirectly from nature’s unique geometric cycles – that reveal an order within the chaos of price action in the markets. In this session, Scott Carney will detail the technical foundation that inspired these discoveries and highlight what truly qualifies as the Harmonic Pattern phenomenon. Although there are numerous aspects of the methodology that can be considered, the goal of this discussion will be to introduce, to educate and to facilitate a broader understanding that highlights the standards of harmonic pattern behavior and clarifies the technical principles that validate the effectiveness of this methodology.