Alpha Capture: The Utility of the CMT in Buyside Trading

March 26, 2015

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This panel will take a look at the architecture of the street unpacking the way many different jobs contribute to the outperformance of a fund or manager.   Our panelists will explore how the buyside trader’s role has evolved over the last several years as firms now look more strategically at the technical toolkit and their input to increase the firm’s profitability.  Annette Koberlein of Point 72 and John Myles of Westfield Capital Management will comment on how their experiences  and technical perspective has evolved over their career, and how it helps capture alpha in their day to day role. 

Following their individual comments, Mark Newton, veteran portfolio manager formerly of Diamondback and now Chief Technical Analyst for Greywolf Execution Partners will lead a moderated discussion including the following topics:

How do traders collaborate with portfolio managers and analysts at the firm?  

How does the firm incorporate technical analysis into their overall strategy and process? And, where are there obstacles to the technical perspective? 

What types of tools do buyside traders use to analyze the markets and contribute to the overall performance of the firm?