March 20, 2021

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John Nofsinger, Dave Keller, and Brian Brogan join the Los Angeles Chapter of the CMT Association for a the Behavioral Finance Seminar. This video was captured in March 2021.

In this seminar the speakers discuss the following topics:

John R. Nofsinger, PhD
Interim Dean/Professor of Finance, University of Alaska

The Psychology and Biology of Investing
Behavioral finance explains actual behavior through psychological, cognitive, and emotional factors that often lead a person to biased, non-rational, financial decisions. What is the source of these behavioral biases? One answer is biology—sleep, health, hormones, genetics, emotions, cognitive decline, and more.

Dave Keller, CMT
Chief Market Strategist,
Man vs. Machine: Are Humans Obsolete?
Over time the financial industry has transitioned from more qualitative to more quantitative forms of analysis. Many question whether quantitative methods will make traditional investment research obsolete, as investors search for the ever elusive perfect black box to curtail their emotions. I feel the pendulum will swing back to the qualitative, where investors are not replaced by computers, but instead investors will embrace quantitative methods and also focus on areas of research where humans have the advantage. Man vs. Machine becomes Man + Machine.

Brian Brogan, CMT, MS, CEPA, WFFA
Director, The Initiative for Family Business & Entrepreneurship, Saint Joseph’s University
Rogue Waves
A Behavioral perspective of the impact of abundant liquidity.