Bitcoin Bull Run: How to Predict Cycle Peak 2025

May 29, 2024

A webcast presentation featuring Adrian Zdunczyk, CMT as part of the CMT Association’s Educational Web Series.

This comprehensive session delves into various methods of market prediction, including technical analysis, fundamental valuation, on-chain analysis, seasonal studies, and sentiment analysis.

Adrian provides a deep dive into the principles and applications of these methods, offering practical guidelines and rules for traders. He emphasizes the importance of understanding market trends and the inherent uncertainties in price movements, likening them to weather patterns that change in unexpected ways.

Key topics covered include:

  • The role of technical analysis in managing risk without guaranteeing success.
  • Behavioral finance and its influence on market outcomes and anomalies.
  • Different types and categories of technical trends, from primary to tertiary, and their directional movements.
  • The significance of market cap, realized cap, and miner outflows in fundamental valuation and on-chain analysis.
  • Seasonal patterns, especially election years and their historical impact on the market.
  • The use of sentiment analysis to gauge market psychology and predict future movements.

The webinar also discusses the limitations of these methods and why they work, providing a balanced view of market predictions. Attendees will leave with a clearer understanding of how to navigate the complexities of Bitcoin trading and make informed decisions.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the world of cryptocurrency, this webinar offers valuable insights to help you anticipate the next Bitcoin bull run and strategically position yourself for the peak in 2025.