Breaking out the Fishing Lures: When it is More Important to Study Bonaparte than Balance Sheets

April 4, 2022

Javed Mirza, CMT, CFA

Quantitative/Technical Analyst

CMT Association Canada hosted its Inaugural Meeting on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 featuring Javed Mirza, CMT, CFA.

Javed earned his allowance and started his career by hand drawing charts for his stockbroker father, using the daily data from the back of the Globe and Mail. Earning his CFA charter and MBA gave Javed the fundamental lens with which to value financial assets. During the 2000 tech bubble, he realized that using only these tools was insufficient to a holistic understanding of capital markets. He turned his focus to Technical Analysis to craft a comprehensive approach to understanding financial markets. Javed synthesizes Price, Time Cycles, Sentiment, and the Business Cycle to create a four-dimensional model to assist in successfully navigating the choppy waters of financial markets.