October 3, 2021

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The Asia Pacific Summit, presented by CMT Association, brings together top global and regional practitioners from both buy and sell side communities. Over two knowledge-packed days, attendees will learn from a mix of unique perspectives on major themes and innovative technical techniques.

Reading the mind of the market is a difficult and elusive task. The 200-year-old book on how to read the candlestick chart, originally developed by a Japanese rice futures’ trader, Sokyu Homma who lived in 18th century Japan, contains full of psychological explanations. Now we are living in the age of Big Data and powerful algorithms. We have great advancement in decision science, which uncovers our cognitive mistakes that occurs in a systematic manner. The Prospect Theory tells us how we are reference-dependent, loss averse, overweight low probabilities, and become insensitive to medium range probabilities. In this session, we would like to talk about our endeavor to incorporate findings in decision science into technical analysis with the help of Big Data.