“ Charting the Course” for 2024

April 25, 2024

Craig W. Johnson, CMT, CFA

Technical Market Strategist, Piper Sandler

About the Presentation: Craig Johnson, CMT, CFA – Chief Technical Strategist and former president of CMT Association – will present his current outlook for US equities in 2024. Craig’s team leverages many quantitative methods and classical tools in their research process which Craig will share in this educational session. All is revealed in the 300+ pages of the “Informed Investor” research report which delivers in-depth analysis of sectors, industry subgroups, and a healthy appreciation for relative strength each month.

As a strategist, Craig has not hesitated to issue contrarian market calls at critical turning points. He often reflects on the advantage of being outside New York where independent thinking and contrarian viewpoint can flourish based solely on the message of the market.