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A presentation as part of the 50th Anniversary of the CMT Association’s Annual Symposium in New York City.

This closing session will explore the NDR approach to “fusion investing” – integrating technical, macro, and fundamental data in the portfolio context. Chief Economist Alejandra Grindal will join Ned for a macro context behind NDRs current outlook on the market. The title of Ned’s seminal text “Being Right or Making Money” poses the central question to all investors, and this session will illuminate how integrating the technical toolkit to the investment process was critical for assessing opportunities and managing risk. Alejandra and Ned will discuss how they use measurements such as breadth and leadership to identify important turning points in the market, but also how factors such as momentum and relative strength are essential to NDR’s clients. In that context, attendees will see how institutional money managers depend on technical analysts for a top-down and bottom-up technical strategy. Ned will share insights gleaned over decades of experience and explain how having the perspective of other disciplines leads to better performance. He will share important insights on a framework for delivering research to traditional institutional portfolio managers and hedge funds. By helping clients incorporate the technical toolkit for more than timing their entry/exit, technical analysis can become an integral part of security selection as well.