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A webcast presentation originally held on January 11, 2017 as part of the CMT Association’s Educational Web Series.

In this three-webinar series, Bruce Fraser and Roman Bogomazov, both internationally recognized Wyckoff Method experts, will describe in detail several practical trading concepts and tools developed by Richard D. Wyckoff a century ago, focusing on institutional sponsorship, market campaigns and sector rotation.  Wyckoff was a highly successful trader, broker, market newsletter publisher and educator, who is considered one of the principal “titans” of technical analysis.  By carefully observing the market campaigns of large institutions and the legendary traders of his time (such as Jesse Livermore and James Keene), he originated the timeless trading and investing principles that many professional traders and money managers still rely upon.

In the first webinar (January 11, 2017), Bruce and Roman will discuss some fundamental Wyckoffian market campaign concepts, specifically:

  • Institutional sponsorship and the manufacturing of market campaigns
  • Accumulation: laying the foundation for a bull campaign
  • Distribution: successfully concluding a campaign

In subsequent sessions (February 15th and March 15th), Roman and Bruce will explore these concepts in greater depth using several case studies, and will illustrate both the key role of market rotation during a bull campaign and how to profitably identify such rotation in real time.  These veteran instructors and traders will also discuss tactics that one can use during different phases of a campaign.

Both Bruce and Roman have many years of experience trading and teaching the Wyckoff Method.  Bruce also publishes a popular blog at Wyckoff Power Charting.  Roman is President and the principal instructor at, an enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality Wyckoff education to traders worldwide.

Disclaimer: Roman Bogomazov and Bruce Fraser (“Presenters”) are not registered investment advisors or broker-dealers and do not purport to recommend which securities individuals should buy or sell. You understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of financial risk involved in trading securities. You alone are responsible for your trading and investment decisions. Presenters assume no responsibility or liability of any kind for your trading and investment results. It should not be assumed that investments in or trading of securities, options, futures, ETFs, companies, sectors or any other markets identified and described in this course were, are or will be profitable.