Institutional Research Panel: Providing the Technical Tools and Research for Outperformance

April 4, 2013

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  • MaryAnn Bartels, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • George Davis, CMT Royal Bank of Canada
  • Rick Bensignor, Wells Fargo
  • Moderated by David Keller, CMT  Fidelity Investments

There is a consistent thread through all of the headlines “Eurozone Bailouts Continue” “Too Big to Fail!” “QE Infinity” “Currency Manipulator – Chinese Stimulus”… Since 2009 the actions of governments and central banks have had profound effects on market outcomes. The investment landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to assess with so much to choose from: cash, tangible assets, commodities, currencies and equities both domestic and foreign.  Questions remain:

  • How does this intervention play out?
  • Will we see inflation or deflation?  
  • What asset classes might perform best in this environment, and how should investors be positioned now for an uncertain future?

Chief technical analysts from the worlds’ top institutions will discuss their technical tools and leading indicators to answer questions to help you understand where the best risk/reward opportunities lie in 2013 and beyond.