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The intensity involved in making the quick decisions required to be a successful trader is stressful and can be difficult to maintain. During the first half of this session you will be given a comprehensive overview to the personality traits that drive human thoughts, emotions and behaviors. More importantly, you will learn how these traits apply to trading the markets and various trading decisions.  For example, you will learn how to manage anxiety, the most dominant emotion in trading the markets. You will see how anxiety can work against you and at other times can even work for you!  In the second half of this session we will focus on those personality traits that consistently successful traders share in common, and how you can potentially adapt your own personality traits.  For example, you will learn how to determine if you should be more of a systems trader or discretionary trader, or a mix of the two.  You will learn if you should be looking for large swings in the market or more frequent but smaller moves.  You will walk away from this session with a better understanding of yourself and how your personality traits and emotions relate to your daily trading life.