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A webcast presentation by Buff Dormeier, CMT on April 27th, 2011 as part of the CMT Association’s Educational Web Series.

If price is the market’s testimony, then volume is the markets polygraph. More than any other indicator, volume tells you the real force and extent of investors’ convictions about present prices. By reading the market’s volume-oriented “lie detector tests,” you can uncover market trends sooner, with more reliability, thus positioning yourself to capture the profits those trends might deliver. In this presentation, Award-winning technical analyst, Buff Dormeier, reveals how volume validates, interprets, and leads price. Using volume analysis, you’ll learn to uncover surprising shifts in investor enthusiasm, identify disparities in market opinion, and sniff out coming trend reversals. Mr. Dormeier teaches you his own groundbreaking approaches and how to apply them. You’ll further learn how to assess the strength and/or weakness in both bear and bull markets by integrating volume analysis with other common portfolio techniques. Volume analysis speaks volumes. Attend this presentation and discover what the market has been telling you all along if only you had turned on the volume!