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There is no one better equipped than Barry Ritholtz to explore how investors outperform as he does every week on Bloomberg Radio in his show Masters in Business; an hour long deep dive into the people who drive markets and business. In this session, Barry will interview Wall St. veteran and MTA co-founder Alan R. Shaw, CMT. Alan will share his experience of the industry from his beginnings as a fundamental securities analyst and how he became actively involved in technical analysis in the early 1960s. Attendees will gain an historical market context from Alan’s years serving as Research Director at Harris Upham prior to its merger with Smith Barney in 1976 where he eventually became the managing director of the technical research department. Notably, Alan taught technical analysis to scores of Wall St. legends in parallel to his own career through courses at the New York Institute of Finance. Join us for this candid conversation with one of Wall Street’s true Masters in Finance.