Prices Alone Can be Misleading

April 25, 2024

About the Presentation: Vincent Randazzo, CMT, Head of Technical Research will examine the forces of Supply and Demand; the foundation of all Technical Analysis. In this session he will share the unique time-tested methodology of Lowry Research Corporation. Lowry Research Corporation was founded in 1938 to provide analysts and investment professionals with an unbiased, factual analysis of the stock market based on supply and demand relationships of market trends. In 1938, L. M. Lowry originated the idea of compiling Upside and Downside Volume statistics. As a result of our pioneering work, these statistics – including Daily Measurements of Supply and Demand, Upside and Downside Volume, Points Gained and Points Lost, Breadth, and Momentum – are now an integral part of stock market analysis for millions of investors worldwide.