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A webcast presentation originally held on February 16, 2022 by Jeffrey Hirsch, CMT as part of the CMT Association’s Educational Web Series.

Midterm election years are notoriously the worst year of the 4-Year Cycle and the second year of New Democratic Presidents is even worse. Learn about all the relevant cycles, seasonal patterns and indicators for 2022, including Jeff’s January Indicator Trifecta, the midterm year pattern, the Best and Worst Months Seasonal Trading Strategy and more. Jeff will discuss his 2022 Annual Forecast and how his January Indicator Trifecta impacted his outlook. He will discuss the major obstacles the market faces from the Fed, Inflation and the Midterm Elections. Valuations are high and the market looks toppy so we are likely to experience more volatility in 2022, but midterm market weakness often sets up solid buying opportunities for the Sweet Spot of the 4-year Cycle. Tune in for Jeff’s current outlook and latest stock and ETF picks.