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Mebane Faber, CMT, CAIA co-founder and chief investment officer of Cambria Investment Management will share his active approach to the money management industry. Mebane’s understanding of quantitative, technical, and fundamental analysis has produced a unique perspective of the future of the money management industry allowing him to create new products and interesting strategies. He will share some immediately applicable ideas from his newly created etfs and liquid alternatives strategies which focus on tactical asset allocation, dynamic beta, and CAPE (cyclically-adjusted price/earnings) valuation ratio.

Beyond his success managing money, Meb is also a prolific writer – author of Global Asset Allocation, Global Value, Shareholder Yield, and The Ivy Portfolio as well as a top blog with over 1500 articles on the market. Creator of The Idea Farm, he is able to aggregate research and ideas from the world’s leading investment thinkers. This session is aimed at helping managers outperform their benchmarks and diversify their holdings over the long term.