Tactical Tools for Long-Term Investors

April 25, 2024

John Kolovos, CMT, CFA

Head of Technical Strategy

About the Presentation: In this joint session, attendees will see inside the relationship between buyside managers and sell side analysts. Mark Dibble has been a vital part of the technical group at Fidelity Investments since 1994. He and the technical team oversee the famed Chart Room, which according to Tom Keene, CFA “is a religious experience for anyone involved in capital markets.” John Kolovos, CMT, CFA is a former colleague who now serves as Head of Technical Strategy at Macro Risk Advisors. John is responsible for delivering high conviction investment insights, identifying tactical trading opportunities, and analyzing cross-asset relationships between stocks, commodities, currencies, and interest rates from across the globe. This session will illuminate the analytical process, tools and interplay between research and money management. The dynamic will be explored through the lens of current market views