“Wall Street Bound” Founder Connects Students With Finance Opportunities

June 16, 2020 — Troy Prince, CAIA, is a member of the CMT Association community and CEO of the nonprofit organization Wall Street Bound, recently featured on CNBC. Wall Street Bound seeks to connect underserved young adults in urban areas with the financial training and internship experience they need to land entry-level jobs in the industry.

“We know that talent and IQ is equally distributed,” said Prince in a recent CNBC interview. “Opportunity is not.”

“This demographic, they do have the innate hunger [and] behavioral and cognitive abilities to succeed [… ] It is only a matter of connecting them with the opportunities through education and access,” Prince added. Wall Street Bound works with recent graduates and college students to develop the technical skills required to succeed as data and equity analysts, discretionary & quant traders and investors.

Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, featured Troy Prince on his blog earlier this month to discuss some of the challenges faced by the majority-minority communities that are the target of Wall Street Bound’s outreach.

“A lot of people say they want to see change, and more equality of opportunity. Troy is someone who is actually doing something about it,” concluded Brown. “He is looking for mentorship from professionals as well as financial support from people who think this is a good cause.”

You can find more information about Wall Street Bound on the organization’s website,, or by watching this recent CNBC feature or Josh Brown’s blog post.