Fill The Gap Episode Thirty-Eight, Live from CMT 2024 Summit Dubai with Frank Teixeira, CMT, CFA & David Lundgren, CMT, CFA

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This episode of Fill the Gap features a live Fireside Chat with special guests Frank Teixeira, CMT, CFA & David Lundgren, CMT, CFA moderated by Tyler Wood, CMT. Recorded at the CMT 2024 Summit in Dubai, UAE on February 29, 2024 inside the Museum of the Future.

In this special live release of Fill the Gap, Frank Teixeira, CMT, CFA, and David Lundgren, CMT CFA will share insights from decades of institutional portfolio management experience on how Wall St. utilizes technical analysis to understand market behavior, fund flows, positioning, price action, and the character and direction of public markets.

This fireside chat on Trend-Following Perspectives brought the 2024 CMT Summit to a conclusion with a deep dive and unique perspective on the use of technical analysis in institutional portfolio management. Moderated by Tyler Wood, CMT, these former colleagues explore what it takes to be an effective contrarian investor, how to communicate technical concepts to a broad audience, and how the discipline has evolved. Stylistically different, both gentlemen continue to thrive through multiple market cycles. Whether as a systematic or more discretionary portfolio manager, trend-following is at the core of their investment approach.

We hope you enjoy episode #38 of Fill the Gap and garner evergreen lessons of this “simple but not easy” style of investing.

Fill the Gap, hosted by David Lundgren, CMT, CFA and Tyler Wood, CMT brings veteran market analysts and money managers onto a monthly podcast.

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