David Settle

David Settle

David started in the investor education world in 2004 with Investools, the former education affiliate of TD Ameritrade and thinkorswim. During this time, he has coached hundreds of individuals through 1-on-1 interactions and group webinars on how to invest and trade in the stock, options and forex markets. He also taught live workshops and presented before hundreds of clients at large-scale investor education conferences.

His areas of expertise are in options strategies – ranging from long calls and puts to selling verticals spreads to more advanced multi-leg strategies, like iron condors, calendar and diagonal spreads – and technical analysis. He is the originator of the popular Market Forecast daily YouTube video and now currently co-hosts the Market Outlook daily market review.

Also, during his time at TD Ameritrade, David worked as a content manager developing online courses to teach people the basics of what to look for when buying stocks or trading options. He was the lead subject matter expert for their Weekly Options and Advanced Options Strategies courses. He also helped shape their online Community and Market Commentary strategies during his time there.

He is now using his years of experience and expertise in these various areas to develop Market Scholars into the premier investor education space online with Brandon Van Zee.

In his spare time, David spends time with his family of 4 boys and enjoys traveling with his wife of nearly 25 years to the big cities of the world and everywhere in between. He is a self-proclaimed hoops junkie and loves to coach youth and high school basketball. If he’s not investing or teaching, he’s usually out on the court putting one of his boys through a workout. He also loves to spend time in the beautiful Utah mountains and national parks.