Jake Damien Chow, CMT

Jake Damien Chow, CMT
Jake Damien Chow, CMT, is a market strategist with CGS-CIMB Research. He is responsible for overseeing the development of technical and quantitative research capabilities within the firm.
A strong advocate of systematic trading and investing, he was awarded as the 3rd best investment speaker during the INVEST Fair 2019.
Jake currently researches, develops and manages in-house quantitative trading and investment strategies.
He also contributes to firm’s regional technical research publication “Trendspotter” covering Hong Kong equities.
His research interests include multi-factor modelling, dynamic asset allocation, sector rotation, alpha signal generation, risk optimisation, portfolio construction, global macro strategies, algorithmic trading and behavioural finance.
Jake holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in Economics and Finance from the RMIT University (Melbourne). He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), member of the CMT Association and co-chair of the Singapore CMT Chapter.
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            [post_content] => I would like to welcome the new slate of officers and directors as they begin their terms this month. New President, and former Vice President, Brett Villaume offers his vision with his remarks in the President's Letter as we begin. There is one observation I would like to make about the Board of Directors: it does not look like a relic from the 1980’s Wall Street of the fictional Gordon Gekko with colored shirts, white collars and suspenders. In an industry where the ranks are still very much dominated by a small segment of the population, our Board is diverse in every way possible. And as Brett writes in his opening remarks, the number of CMT Members outside of North America is growing so fast that it may soon be greater than the number within. I am proud to be associated with this group.

As the economies around the world are in varying stages of recovery, there is no one recipe for global investment. It is still very much country-dependent but it is on the right path. With that in mind, and now that much of the pandemic is in the rearview mirror, “normal” market forces are now back in charge. In other words, the free market is free once again, even with atypical conditions left over from the new work-at-home era. Think lots of job openings and lots of unemployed people at the same time. But price has a way of dealing with it, as long as it is left to its own devices.

While committees and chapters are still in their summer “quiet periods,” no doubt as everyone is more eager to get out than Zoom, Association news is limited. However, the podcast is in full swing with this month’s subject, Andreas Clenow, CMT. Did you catch Ralph Acampora last month?

This month’s member interview is with Jake Damian Chow from Singapore, a recent award-winning technician. Our featured article is by the late Stephen Cox, reprinted from May 1998. The topic is a dive into the media’s relationship with technical analysis from someone who lived in both worlds. Next, there is a summary of the recent European Summit. And finally, the photo archive digs deep into the past with newsletter excerpts from 1976 and a collage of “seasoned” technicians for you to identify. It’s a caption contest! How many can you name? By the way, that edition of the newsletter had an article about Lindsay analysis written by George Lindsay, himself.

Michael Kahn, CMT

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