Jake Damien Chow, CMT

Jake Damien Chow, CMT

Jake Damien Chow, who holds a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation, is a market strategist with CGS-CIMB research. He specializes in technical analysis and is a strong proponent of systematic, rules-based trading.

He tracks macroeconomic data, monitor global capital flow, research and develop quantitative models to generate trading ideas and investment thesis for clients.  Jake co-writes for the CGS-CIMB regional technical analysis publication titled “Trendspotter.” His research interests include portfolio management, global macro/risk parity/quantitative strategies, factor investing, asset relationships (inter-market analysis, sector rotation and relative strength), system development and testing, algorithmic trading and behavioural finance.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance from the RMIT University (Melbourne). He is co-chair of the CMT Association’s Singapore Chapter.