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Bill will share the unique insights of Bell Curve Trading’s market profile framework.  Understanding that distribution is the position, arrangement, or frequency of occurrence over price and time, and that the volume of every exchange traded market distributes around three key measures of central tendency we eliminate the need to hypothesize, estimate, or guess in our market analysis. With simple arithmetic you can calculate where the market wants to go

In this presentation you will see market behavior simplified and then classified into two paradigms.  This behavioral classification relates to the process of distribution. A balanced market yields one straight forward strategy.  Understanding an unbalanced market tells us what to expect when there is a clear break from what has been established as “fair value”.

In this session, Bill will review the basic tenets of Bell Curve’s methodology:  balanced & unbalanced markets, how to calculate price and time objectives, how the notion of a bell shaped curve or normal distribution plays a prominent role in understanding future market moves, and of paramount importance, where is fair value (it is not a subjective or ephemeral concept, it is a fact, and you need to be able to locate it)?