Scott Fullman

Scott Fullman is the Managing Director and Chief Strategist at Revere Securities. He has been advising professionals on the use of options strategies for increasing returns, risk control, and improving the probability for successful results over a wide range of prices and movements for over 30 years. 

Scott has been employed by several well-known financial services firms and has lectured at Seton Hall University, the New York Institute of Finance, the CMT Association, and at other venues. In 2010, he published his second book, Increasing Alpha with Optionswhich is based on the platform he has built over the past three decades.

By combining technical analysis, options intelligence and strategy formations, Scott has helped institutional portfolio managers and investors and their brokers to achieve more favorable outcomes.

He also has advised exchanges and other groups on products, platforms, and other items that have been crucial to the expansion of the industry. This includes the creation of new index, option, and ETF products as well as the use of technology. Serving on various industry committees as well as direct input to management at broker/dealers and the exchanges, Scott has driven new ideas and growth of the options and equities market place.