Breakout 3 Track 3 – New Ways to Visualize Trends

October 11, 2020

Alex Cole

Founder, GoNoGo Charts

Alex Cole will work through examples of how using code to blend several technical indicators can give analysts a new chart type that clarifies trend indicators without obscuring the most important signal of the markets, PRICE!

GoNoGo Charts® allow for a clear understanding of the volatility we are experiencing in 2020.  Learn what the charts are saying about Indian Equities in terms of trend and momentum over multiple time frames.

Creator Alex Cole will cover charts of the major global indices, sectors and individual securities. He will look at all of them against the backdrop of trend capture and risk avoidance. Whether investors are using simple moving average strategies or a more complex blend of trend following and momentum inputs, GoNoGo Charts allows for an elegant view on what markets and securities are trending.