The Final Bar: Legends of Technical Analysis

April 28, 2023

Ralph Acampora, CMT

Professor, NYIF

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A presentation as part of the 50th Anniversary of the CMT Association’s Annual Symposium in New York City.

This panel of industry elites will share how technical analysis is more cogent than ever as we witness major trend inflection in today’s markets. The 40-year declining interest rate cycle has reversed into a new rising rate cycle not seen since 1946. Our panelists will explore the history and application of several indicators to form their market outlook and identify opportunities & risk. Filmed live from the stage of the 50th Anniversary CMT Symposium, this session will broadcast on StockChartsTV as an episode of The Final Bar, hosted by David Keller, CMT. Dave leverages technical tools and a rich understanding of investor behavior to improve decision making.