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Matthew Caruso, CFA, CMT

Matthew Caruso, CFA, CMT

I’m Matt Caruso, and if you were to Google me, you will first notice my Twitter following, and the many comments about how much success my advice has paved the way for.

You may also notice I have articles on major financial websites and publications such as Business Insider and

I’ve been obsessed with trading and markets since I was a teenager.

When I was 22, I was teaching Technical Analysis at Concordia University in Montreal.

It was a course I co-created, and which ended up being so popular it became part of the syllabus for the undergraduate finance elective and is still being taught today.

I spent 5-years working for National Bank, one of Canada’s largest banks where I was a market maker making money daily and dominating the order flow on individual stocks.

And in 2020 while the business world was in dire-straits, I was making international news for breaking records that had stood since the 1980’s. I entered into the US Investing Championship and I’m proud of my 4th place finish with a 346% return.

It wasn’t a game for me where I blindly shot for the stars in order to win. I’m a professional… it was serious trading with all my equity on the line, and although I had a big return, I always had my risk in check.

Since then, my services have been in huge demand, and I have a number of clients now paying me for one-on-one tuition.

From very early on in my career, I’ve had a burning desire to help and teach people.

Which looking back now, I know that, that desire stemmed from frustration…

You see, being so dedicated to becoming the best Trader that I could be… I spent all my time, and money learning everything I could about the Market.

However, the frustration came from wasting money on so-called guru products that didn’t teach me a damn thing… and sometimes their information actually contradicted what many respected traders were practicing… wasted time, wasted money.

I was disappointed at the amount of time that was disappearing into thin air.

even now – I absolutely HATE wasting time.

I would literally have my head in a book, or I’d be doing course work during every waking minute. This was on top of my studies in college.

But for every good book or course I found, I found 19 that were absolutely useless, and if I add up the amount of time spent going through all that worthless garbage, then it would be weeks and months which I’ll never get back!

It was this frustration with mediocre learning materials that fuelled my passion to teach… and not JUST teach, but to fully immerse the student in a way no other course does, preparing them for the next stage of their journey in the most emphatic way possible.

22 years of age and teaching finance in university was a huge honour and privilege for me as it was reward for my years of dedication to learning my craft, It was also a humbling validation of my skills, That course is still being taught there today!

Think about it, they don’t add a course you created to the syllabus unless your insights provide value to their students who pay millions of dollars every year to learn from their institution.

It allowed me to really focus on sharpening my skills as a teacher, because you can have the greatest material in the world, but if you can’t connect with your students or get your message across in a way they can easily understand, then it doesn’t do anybody any good.

When I realized a lot of people wanted to learn my style of investing I decided to get back to teaching, just in a modern format. And in my Active Growth Investor course, I’m teaching students how to think and act like professional traders… so you can solve your own problems and find your own winners, without asking for help or searching online… and at the end of the day, that’s the real difference between the 10% of successful traders and the 90% who fail…

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