2016 Annual Symposium: Day 1, Interactive Session 2 – Gary Antonacci

April 7, 2016

Gary will begin by explaining the origins and history of momentum investing. He will explain why momentum has been called “the premier anomaly.”

Gary will describe the way momentum is most commonly used, and why this may not be the best approach. Using easily understood examples and historical research findings, Gary will show how dual momentum can simultaneously enhance investment returns while decreasing bear market risk exposure.

Gary will show which assets are best to use for momentum investing and how you can implement and easily maintain your very own dual momentum portfolio. Finally, Gary will describe the pros and cons of momentum investing and the behavioral biases that you must deal with in order to become a successful momentum investor.

In this talk you will learn how to:

  1. Spot the best momentum investment opportunities in any market environment
  2. Protect yourself from bear markets and behavioral biases
  3. Construct your own low-cost, rules-based dual momentum portfolio that is simple to understand and easy to implement