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We are excited to welcome Timothy W. Hayes, CMT, Chief Global Investment Strategist at Ned Davis Research (NDR), to this event as a headline speaker. Tim’s presentation, “Cyclical and Secular Trends – Intact or in Trouble?” will review long term secular trends among global markets (multi-asset) and ascertain which of these trends may be sustainable or reversing. NDR has been the gold standard in technical analysis, equity strategy and macro analysis for nearly 40 years. Ned Davis, founder of NDR and author of the iconic book “Being Right or Making Money,” built a research firm which has pioneered evidence-based TA methodologies.

Our second speaker, Jay A. Petit, CMT, founder of Charts Avenue, will present “A Consistent Process for Positive Expectancy.” Jay first started studying technical analysis in 2002 at the New York Institute of Finance and went on to hold positions at Swiss Bank Corp and UBS Investment Bank. His presentation will touch on topics of risk and structural rules to maintain a disciplined trading strategy.

The evening will finish with Ayush Nagaraj, CMT, Co-Head of Asia high touch trading for Bernstein, based in Hong Kong. He has been with Bernstein since 2010 and is the technical analyst on the desk covering primarily HF clients. Ayush will be sharing his views on local Asia markets “from the trenches,” and his top 5 recommendations based on daily observation, analysis and trading thousands of stocks across Asia markets.

We encourage you to invite clients or colleagues interested in technical analysis to register for this webinar.

Lee Zhao, CMT
Andy Chen, CMT, CAIA, FRM
Ananda Bhaumik, CMT
Hong Kong Chapter Chairs

Wei Hao Ang, CMT
Jake Damien Chow, CMT
Jamie Coutts, CMT, CFTe
Isaac Lim, CMT, CFTe
Singapore Chapter Chairs


Cyclical and Secular Trends – Intact or in Trouble?
A review of long-term secular trends among global markets.  What is the status of the shorter-term cyclical trends?  Assessing global stock and bond market indices, gold, commodities, currencies, regions and major global themes.

Timothy W. Hayes, CMT
Chief Global Investment Strategist, NDR

A Consistent Process for Positive Expectancy
In this discussion you will learn about portfolio risk vs. position risk, how to create a place with structural rules and develop a routine with discipline.

Jay A. Petit, CMT
Founder, Charts Avenue

Views on Local Asia Markets and his Top 5 Recommendations
Views on Local Asia Markets and his Top 5 Recommendations
You will learn how Ayush Nagaraj applies Technical Analysis in his role as an Equity Sales Trader.  He will review the market technical’s for local markets and tell you his Top 5 Stocks based on daily observation, analysis and trading of thousands of stocks across Asia markets

Ayush Nagaraj, CMT
Co-Head of Asia high touch trading, Alliance Bernstein, Hong Kong