CMT Leadership Address with Alvin Kressler, CEO & Brett Villaume, CMT, CAIA

November 5, 2022

Strength in Diversity: The global economy appears to be accelerating into a new paradigm, as financial and geopolitical tensions risk a global fracturing into a multi-polar order, the long-term implications of which are still yet to be fully understood or priced in.

Technical analysis shines in periods of market adversity and volatility. The discipline forged by studying market cycles, human behavior, and the irrefutable laws of supply and demand are an investor’s best weapon for uncertain times.

One certainty is the growing importance of Asia in global markets. The CMT Association’s investment in the APAC region continues. After a successful inaugural Summit last year, the organization will celebrate the strength of the APAC region through its remarkable diversity by bringing together CMT charterholders, technical analysts, and markets professionals from around the world to hear via an in-person gathering in Mumbai and virtual capacity.

This prestigious one-day event will showcase the leading regional and global practitioners who have made immense contributions to the body of work in technical analysis while cutting-edge insights on topics ranging from new indicators and asset classes such as cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

The CMT Charter, the gold standard credential for TA professionals, is recognized by the world’s largest asset managers, financial institutions, and regulators.