Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood is the Managing Director of Global Business Development at the CMT Association. Through industry partnerships, a global portfolio of educational programming, and brand positioning, Tyler is working to advance the discipline of technical analysis. He oversees a small team to produce all communications of the association both internal and external.

In collaboration with CMT Association volunteers, he presents to investment firms, regulators, exchanges and prospective candidates about the value of the CMT designation. Prior to joining the CMT Association, he worked in management consulting and publishing. Tyler graduated from Macalester College and received his MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


Navigating the CMT Association & the Level I Exam

The CMT Association invites you to join us for a live info session about the Association and the CMT Program. Ever wonder why a security in your portfolio trades way above or way below your calculation of intrinsic value? Ever wonder how it can stay depressed or elevated....
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